to Wheaton CRC!

Welcome to Wheaton Christian Reformed Church’s home online. We’re glad that you are here! It is our hope that this page will make your future in-person visit with us more comfortable. When you visit us, you’ll find that we are a vibrant, welcoming community that enjoys worshiping God together. In an increasingly fractured society, church is one of the few places where people come together across socio-economic and age lines and really get to know each other. Wheaton CRC is an example of that coming together, which we hope you get to experience in person.

Our Beliefs

Our name Wheaton Christian Reformed Church contains both a mark of our location (Wheaton, IL) and a description of our beliefs. We are Christian in that we acknowledge that Jesus Christ is the one who saves us from our sins and thus rules and reigns over our lives.


Our History

Wheaton CRC held its first worship service in May of 1949. From the beginning, the church was unconventional, its services held in the Masonic Temple in Wheaton despite the CRC’s antipathy toward the Masons. Early members remember READ MORE

Our Vision & Values

We imagine a church that draws people deeper into relationships with God and others. We will welcome people wherever they are in their life, inviting them to increasingly know and be known by God and others through the church  READ MORE

Our Organization

Our church is led through the Presbyterian model of elders and deacons. Our form for ordination says elders are “responsible for the spiritual well-being of God’s people. They must provide true preaching and teaching, READ MORE

Our Staff & Council Members

Kyle Haack


Kyle Haack is a native of Iowa who was educated in Michigan and has lived most recently in Minnesota. Pastor Kyle has served for over fifteen years in various ministry capacities, including as a youth pastor, church planter, hospital chaplain, and now solo pastor. Kyle’s wife, Wendy, is a hospital chaplain in addition to caring for their three young children: Desirae, Samuel, and Benjamin. Kyle is an avid reader, loves fly fishing, and plays a variety of musical instruments. Kyle’s passion for God and people has him excited to see what God has in store for the ministry of Wheaton CRC.

Laura Anderson


Laura Anderson grew up near the Chicago lakeshore, later migrated through the western suburbs, and has recently settled in Wheaton. She has three adult children, two sons and a daughter, two daughters-in-law, a son-in-law and has been blessed with 10 very special grandchildren. They are all zealous for the things of God, which is her ultimate blessing!  Laura has played golf since the age of eight and is an avid walker, preferring a 4 mile outdoor route to a gym, all 12 months of the year!

Hanna Park


Hanna Park joined Wheaton CRC in the fall of 2020. She has been involved in church music since the age of 12 when she moved to the states from Korea. She has a passion for helping people connect to Christ through music. Hanna and Ji (husband) moved from Manchester, New Hampshire to Naperville, IL in 2017 to be closer to Ji's family. She serves as an administrator and a pianist for Grace and Peace chaplaincy, a non-profit organization around Dupage County nursing homes and memory care units to provide an ecumenical services. She teaches piano privately to all age groups.


Scott Cederlund: Council President, Elder

Craig Buma: Vice President, Elder
David Sikkenga: Clerk, Elder
Larry Bomelje: Deacon President

Ann Vandermeer: Deacon Clerk

Shepherding Board

Kris Tukker: Shepherding Board Chair

Kris Tukker, Elder / Tom Teune, 

DeaconNortheast District 1

Marge Visser, Elder / Steve Hess, 

Deacon: Southeast District 2
Mary Sytsma, Elder / Wendy Geinosky, 

Deacon: Southwest District 3
Alan Huizenga, Elder / Lyn Kmiecik, 

Deacon: West District 4

Ministry Board

Craig Buma: Ministry Board, Chair, Elder
Kris Tukker: Missions Committee, Chair
Kyle Haack: Worship Planning, Pastor
Dave Dykstra: Education Team, 

Chair, Elder

Dave Dykstra: Abuse Consultation Team, Chair, Elder

Suzie Bossenga: Outreach Service, Deacon

Ann Vandermeer: Church Life, Deacon