Our Organization

Our church is led through the Presbyterian model of elders and deacons. Our form for ordination says elders are “responsible for the spiritual well-being of God’s people. They must provide true preaching and teaching, regular celebration of the sacraments, and faithful counsel and discipline while keeping in confidence those matters entrusted to them.” Our form for ordination says deacons are “called to assess needs, promote stewardship and hospitality, collect and disburse resources for benevolence, and develop programs of assistance.” To help our elders and deacons focus on their overlapping tasks, we also have a ministry board, focused on the programs of the church, and a shepherding board, focused on pastoral care. In addition we have a business board that works as a function of the deacons to oversee our budget and buildings so that elders and deacons can focus on the ministry of the church. Once a quarter our elders and deacons meet jointly in a full Council meeting to report the work of the various boards and tackle any issues too big for an individual board.