Our Vision & Values

Our tagline “Gathered by Grace, Sent to Serve” describes our vision and mission well. God’s grace is what gathers us, not our own success or ability or socio-economic status, which means that there is room for all who have received God’s grace. God sends us to serve in order that others may hear of and experience his grace. Our vision is to be gathered by God’s grace into worship, fed by God through Word and Sacrament, and then sent to serve again in our particular contexts.

Within that umbrella vision, we have a few points of emphasis that guide us as a church.

We will work to be intentionally intergenerational, which means that we will try to make sure we are connecting people of all ages in worship and in our programs. In our isolated and lonely world, we believe church is the place where we get to know people who are different from us.

Whenever possible, we seek to find a partner organization to work with because we believe we are better together.

The good news we have of Jesus is meant to be shared. Through personal and programmatic ways, we will work to let our friends and neighbors know the hope that we have in Jesus.